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NDIS SERVICES: Registration Number 4050007147

Assisting Participants to Access their Community and their Supports

Randwick Waverley Community Transport is the leading Registered NDIS assistance to access supports service in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  We are the experts in Aged & Frail as well as Assisting NDIS participants to access community, social and recreational activities.

We can offer families a range of access and mobility services to enable you to participate in the community. Our expertise is the key enabler to get you to and from your supports. We assist participants to Access to Community Social and Recreation activities.

We can also provide NDIS Travel and Transport to assist participants who receive the fortnightly Cash Travel Allowance from the NDIA, to access non-core or other supports.

We assist clients with their transition to the NDIS as well as their annual NDIS plan reviews. RWCT may assist you and your family in the planning stage, as well as the implementation stage to assist you to access to your NDIS supports.

We are happy to provide cost estimates for two key NDIS Assistance Support Services:

  1. Assisting Access to Community Social & Recreational Activities. This comes under the Community Participation part of a participant plan. {NDIS Price Guide Items 04_104_0125_6_1} This is a key enabler service to assist you to access all your Plan’s core supports. From 1st Dec 2020
    Components of Assistance to Access Community Social and Rec Activities All In Hourly rate of $59.67  
    04_104_0125_6_1 Assistance to access community, social and rec activities – individual-per Weekdays $57.10Per Hour
    TPP 4.5% per hour$2.57TTP Component per hour ie additional 4.5%
    Hourly Rate for Community Participation supports$59.67All In Hourly Rate
  2. Transport 02_051_0108_1_1 or Specialised Transport to Community Employment Educational 02_051_0108_1_1. This service is not funded out of the core support budget. It is funded by one of three levels of a direct cash fortnightly payment to the participant. This service is not a core support. It takes you to and from other, non-core supports.

It is very important to make clear in your plan that you may require either, or each, of these ‘Assistance to Access’ or ‘Transport’ services.

Getting to and from your Core Supports. Our Tip; Take care using the term ‘transport’. The NDIS term ‘transport’ refers only to the cash payment allowance referred to in item 2 above.

Use the Correct Service term. We have learnt to be very careful to restrict, or limit, the way we use the term ‘transport’ in the NDIS process. A common error is to mistakenly refer to ‘Assistance to Access Community Social & Rec Activities’ or ‘Assistance to Access your Community Participation’ budget – by using the colloquial general term ‘transport’.

In our experience using the correct support service terms achieves good participant plan and budget outcomes. On the other hand, not using correct service terms can cause great anxiety if plans omit the means of getting to and from your core supports. Careful language is the key here.

Please feel free to call us on 02 9369 5366 if you would like to discuss this, or click here to download the questionnaire to apply or fill out the form adjacent and we will be in touch.

Why use Randwick Waverley Community NDIS Support Services.

We have grown to become the largest registered disability Assistance to Access and Transport service provider in the Eastern Suburbs.

We are accredited under NSW Disability Standards; meaning our drivers and vehicle assistants are history checked and trained to a professional standard, and are subject to regular independent “Third Party Audit” compliance checks.

Our 30 years of expertise in transporting people with a disability ensures we can facilitate safe, secure, caring, reliable and prompt travel for your family. This is evidenced by our meeting the Authorisation Standards of Point to Point Transport Act from 1 February 2018.

Our drivers are required to follow The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission Code of Conduct.

Our Transport Service caters for people who have a disability as well as their carers. We encourage carers to accompany participants. Our policy is that carers travel at no cost.

Our protocol is to advise us of your particular transport needs. Our drivers are trained in disability awareness. Our clients tell us they value our reliable and caring staff. We provide a service with ‘Person to Person’ Transfer. We do not assume our clients are Traffic Aware. We do not leave our clients unattended.

Our large vehicle fleet includes eight mobility hoists to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility aids. The fleet features the real-time GPS vehicle tracking to ensure immediate safety and emergency response at all times. Carers and parents can feel safe that drivers and assistants have superior safety first capability and that our staff are trained to adhere to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission Code of Conduct  standards . We adhere to a transparent and safe environment for participants and their carer’s and have established  accessible complaints handling procedure.