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Canada Bay Community Club 10th of May

On the 10th of May, two buses went out for our Friday Social outing. We had a stop at the Golden Arches then we went to Canada Bay Community Club for lunch. Everyone had a splendid day. Check out the photos

Friday Social 3/5/19 Bankstown Sports Club

On Friday the 3rd of May our Friday social took two buses out to Bankstown SportS Club. Every had a fantastic day!! And enjoyed lunch together, check out the photos! IF you or someone you know would like to be apart of our Friday socials give us a call on 9369-5366

St George Leagues Club 26th of April

On the 26th of April, two buses went out to St George Leagues Club for our Friday Social. They said the food was lovely and they had a good day. If you or you know someone that would be interested in joining our Friday Socials please give us a call in the office on 9369-5366

Harbord Diggers Social 12th Of April

On the 12th of April our Friday Social went to Harbord Diggers. Everyone enjoyed the day out and we got some great photos of the group. Check them out!! If you or you know someone that would be interested in joining our Friday Soical give us a call in the office on 9369-5366

Winter Newsletter

Winter Newsletter


The Autumn newsletter gives details of our upcoming Saturday social outings to Bulli/Wollongong, Berry plus the chocolate factory, and Wildwood Gardens. Friday socials we are going to St George Power Boat Club, Dee Why RSL, Canada Bay Community Club and many more.

Blacktown RSL Friday Social

On the 22nd of March our Friday social group went out in two buses to Blacktown RSL. We heard everyone loved the all you can eat buffet, and had a lovely day! Got some fabulous photos check them out!! If you would like to go on our Friday socials, give us a call in the […]

Dee Why RSL

Dee Why RSL


On the 15th of March our Friday social group went to Dee Why RSL for the day. They said they had a great day and enjoyed their lunch. Check out the photos!! If you would like to be apart of the Friday social groups give us a call in the office 9369-5366

International Women’s Day!

#BalanceforBetter is the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, which is observed each year on March 8. The 2019 initiative is aimed at gender equality, a greater awareness of discrimination and a celebration of women’s achievements, according to the International Women’s Day website. That includes reducing the global pay gap between men and women […]

Bulli/Wollongong Saturday Social Trip

On the 2nd of February our Saturday Social group enjoyed a spectacular drive through the Royal National Park, then along Grand Pacific Drive taking in coastal rain forests, quint villages and then over the iconic Sea cliff bridge. Our social group then had a lovely lunch at Figtree RSL Bowling Club. Check out the photos!

Picnic at Clontarf

Picnic at Clontarf


On the 17th of January we went to Clontarf for a picnic. The weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed themselves. Got some great photos, check them out