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Shopping trips


Join us Monday to Friday to a local shopping centre. Click below for venue details and times for you to make a suitable booking.

Social trips


Enjoy a great day of adventure and connection as we discover various parts of Sydney and beyond not to mention a lunch destination!
Individual transport


This involves medical transport, taking clients to hospitals, doctors, dentists, specialists, clinics or therapy. We also cater for social visits.
Out of area


Is for medical or social purposes and only available to residents of Randwick and Waverley LGA’s. This is available Monday to Friday.
NDIS Services


Randwick Waverley Community Transport is the leading Registered NDIS assistance to access supports service in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.
Bus & Driver hire


We provide bus hire at a competitive and reasonable fee plus drivers available at reasonable rates and would prefer that our drivers are used.


We welcome you to ask us to help you to plan, book and arrange your event, party, tour or excursion to suit your needs & requirements.


We welcome referrals for all our transport services from individuals, medical or community service agencies in Sydney.
How to use our services


Step by step we show both our new and existing clients how to best utilise our full range of community transport services.
Booking request


Click the link below and complete the following form to request our transport services. We will contact you to confirm your booking.


Here we out line the designated service areas for our NDIS, CHSP and CTP clients. Click below to check your eligibility.


We offer a comprehensive range of services. Please click below to view the various transport fees both too & from your destination.


View our list of frequently asked questions to help answer a query that you may have regarding our transport services.


We look forward to hosting you at one of our events. Click below to view what’s coming up in the following weeks.


Keep up to date with everything thats happening here at Randwick Waverley Community Transport centre.


Randwick Waverley Community Transport requires experienced, reliable, friendly and safe drivers to join our team.


If have some free time and would like to give back to your local community, we have some exciting volunteer opportunities at RWCTG.


The community can assist us in a range of ways with their gifts and talents. We appreciate the assistance of our volunteers


Introducing Gary Ella, our new ambassador for the Randwick Waverley Community Transport Centre..


We provide shopping, recreational and medical transport using our modified mini buses and station wagons to cater for all.


Here we list of all our documentation and links to relevant forms to assist you to find any information you require.
Community Transport - Randwick, Waverley, Bondi
P (02) 9369 5366
E info@rwctg.org.au
A 2 Curie Avenue, Little Bay
NSW 2036
M PO Box 788, Bondi Junction
NSW 1355, Australia
Newsletter sign up


Our quarterly newsletter and updates will keep you well informed on our services and events throughout the year.


We want to know about what we are doing well and what we need to improve in order to make your experience better.

Support Randwick Waverley Community Transport Limited

The community can assist us in a range of ways with their gifts and talents. We appreciate the assistance of our volunteers who enable us to offer a safe and engaging community service. Many of our clients and their family also assist us with philanthropic gifts and bequests. We receive this support as these donors recognise the outstanding value to the community their gift proffers.

Randwick Waverley Community Transport Limited is a local Social Enterprise assisting the community for 31 years in the Eastern Suburbs. In addition to assisting people over 65 to live independently in their own homes, and alleviating transport disadvantage; over the last few years we have established Eastern Sydney’s pre-eminent NDIS Transport Service.

You may know us as the local experts in transport disadvantaged, aged and frail, low mobility, low vision transport. Of the nearly 60,000 trips we make locally each year, we are the key enabler to assist people to access their community.

As a leading disability Access Service we are accredited by Transport for NSW; meaning our drivers and vehicle assistants are history checked and trained to a professional standard.

We have an exception track record of contributing efficiently to our community. We have a very high ‘Return on Social Investment’ from research conducted by The University of NSW. Our SROI has operated consistently between 15 and 18 times the capital invested. This means for every $1000 we have deployed the community benefits by up to $18,000. This contribution is an outstanding achievement for our stakeholders. Your support has added tens of millions of value to the local community.

Our 30 years of expertise in transporting people with a disability ensures we can facilitate safe, secure, caring, reliable and prompt travel for your family. This is evidenced by our meeting the Authorisation Standards of Point to Point Transport Act from 1 February 2018.

Our Service caters for people who have a disability. Our protocol is to advise us of your particular assistance needs. We provide a service with ‘Person to Person’ Transfer. (This may add a few minutes to the time of a trip) We do not assume our clients are Traffic Aware. We do not leave our clients unattended. Our drivers are trained in disability awareness. Our clients tell us they value our reliable, empathetic and caring staff.

We are accredited by Transport for NSW; meaning our drivers and vehicle assistants are history checked and trained to a professional standard, and are subject to regular independent “Third Party Audit” compliance checks. We encourage carers to accompany participants. Our policy is that carers travel at no cost

Why We Need Your Help

We continuously require funds, beyond our operating income, for developing our local social infrastructure. We seek the support of our community as a volunteer, social venture co-investor, or as a philanthropic supporter. This will assist us to achieve our fundraising target and further improve our Social Return on Investment targets.

Our community is increasingly asking us to organise transport to social and community events, including trips to Clubs. Demand is growing for our Thursday Art Gallery, Friday Lunches and Saturday Social Trips. As well as our low mobility access tours to Vision Australia, Sculptures by the Sea, Vivid Sydney, Whale Watching, Botanic Gardens and the Art Gallery. We hope to continue this community engagement innovation.

The NDIS operation requires skills, training and additional equipment to meet the service standards and comply with our status as an Accredited Transport Service.

We now need to invest in our capability and build our expertise in safe and caring low mobility and wheelchair transport. Our goal is to have a trained carer on every vehicle.

To assist us to meet the increased demand we plan to improve or fleet capacity to reduce congestion bottlenecks in the sector. This will enable people require some care or assistance to confidently travel in comfort and safety. We now seek your support.

Please click here for more information. To support our business and make a donation please click here and fill out our contact us form. We would be happy to present our project to you or your organisation to explore how we can collaborate for Social Impact in our community.