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On June the 3rd Randwick Waverley Community Transport started our socials back up, but due to the current COVID outbreak we have been doing things a bit differently.

To keep everyone safe we will be providing half day outings, to outdoor locations, adhering to social distancing polices as well as other safe travel procedures such as taking temperatures before getting on the bus.

“Today was the first day of an OUTING
I wish to say a very big thank you to all who participated in getting this up and running.
As far as I was concerned, and picking up the vibes from the other ladies, it was a success.
We sat and had lunch, talked to those nearest to us and reminisced about various trips we have done in the past and totally looking forward to being able to resume at some stage.
For me it was a mile stone ! 79 days in isolation and even though I am an avid reader even that was becoming a chore.
So once again thanks and looking forward to further outings.

Our July social calendar is up on the website – we look forward to seeing you all soon